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Mrs. Patrice Casher, Principal - Revelation Christian Academy

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All of Us Research Program

Are you interested in joining the All of Us Research Program?  Do you know someone who may be interested? If so, please share this email!

Here are some quick details:

  • What is it? All of Us has a simple mission: to speed up health research. To do this, we are asking at least one million people across the country to share health information about themselves. We need good representation across the Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana areas! Researchers then can conduct thousands of studies on health and disease to make health better for all of us.
  • Why join? Ever wonder why you can (or can't) curl your tongue? Or why one generation in your family has certain diseases? All of Us aims to reflect the diversity of America to help researchers find health patterns and discoveries that weren't visible before. By joining, you would be contributing to research that could improve health for generations to come. You could also learn more about your own health. 
  • How to join? Visit and select Sign Up Today. You'll need your email address or mobile phone number to sign up.

If you want to learn more, call All of Us at USA Health (251) 471-7708 or visit There you can read FAQs, watch videos, and see who is involved.  

Thanks for thinking about joining. Together, we could help change the future of health.


The All of Us Research Program