George Hall Elementary School

                                                                                           Melissa Mitchell, Principal

  About The School  
Drawing of George Hall by AC Smith
Drawing of George Hall by AC Smith

A new school was built in 1964 in Maysville at the request of the community. The new school was named for Mr. George Hall, the first teacher employed by the Mobile County School Board for the Maysville District.
While currently serving children in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth, the school has served as a junior high school in the past.
A true community setting, over 95% of George Hall students live within two miles of the school and enjoy a positive connection between school and community.
The unified effort of the school and community achieved the honor of Keep America Beautiful’s First Place Government Project for 1993!

Past & Present Administrators

1964-1970 Mr. W.F. Taylor
1970-1971 Mr. Roy Copeland
1971-1972 Mr. Ben Glover
1972-1977 Mr. Tom Jones
1979-1980 Mr. Howard Vaughn
1980-1987 Mrs. Emma Reed
April-June 1987 Ms. Kym Brown
1987-1992 Ms. Marilyn Howell
1992-1997 Mrs. Rhonda Bryant
1997-2000 Mr. Harold Moore
2000-Nov. 2000 Mrs. Stephanie Danzy
Nov. 2000-2004 Mrs. Gloria Burks
2004 -2014  Mrs. Terri Tomlinson
2014-Present  Mrs. Melissa Mitchell

Mission Statement

       The mission of George Hall Elementary School is to engage all students in a rigorous and challenging educational program.  As a community of learners, we promote individual student achievement and empower our students to excel in a culture of responsibility and mutual respect.  Our students will graduate as knowledgeable, productive citizens in an ever-changing technological world.

George Hall Pledge
As a student at George Hall, I pledge to:
Act Responsibly
Respect Authority and Others
Extend Good Manners and Show Self-Control
Sis. Stephanie Thompson, Volunteer - Revelation Missionary Baptist Church
Address:1108 Antwerp Street
 Mobile, AL 36605
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