MARCH IS NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH IN THE US

The theme this year is “Personalize your Plate “which is urging people to make healthier choices that works best. Here are some recommendations;
!. Vegetables- eat at least 21/2 cups of various vegetables daily. The goal is to create a rainbow of various textures, colors and flavors which includes red and orange foods such as bell peppers, sweet potatoes and beets which promote blood vessel health.
2.  Fruits- eat at least 2 cups per day. All fresh, frozen, canned and dried fruits are great options for personalizing a plate to add natural sweetness and flavor.
3. Grains- eat at least mostly whole grain foods. Try adding a new grain into dinner, such as whole grain rice, or quinoa.
4. Dairy- the recommendations for dairy depends on age. Most benefit by increasing dairy intake in fat free or low fat forms which may include yogurt or a soy beverage.
5. Proteins- they can come from animal and plant based sources. It includes lean meats, seafood low mercury and beans low in sodium.