About Us

The Royal Ambassadors Organization


The Royal Ambassadors Motto

"We Are Ambassadors For Christ" (2 Corinthians 5:20)

The Royal Ambassadors Pledge

As a Royal Ambassador I will do my best: To become a well-informed, responsible follower of Christ; To have a Christ like concern for all people; To learn how the message of Christ is carried around the world; To work with others in sharing Christ; and To keep myself clean and healthy in mind and body.

Royal Ambassadors Meeting Rules

* Start on time and end on time * Cell phones and electronics off * No eating or drinking * Focus on what's being said * Only one person speak at at time

Royal Ambassador Standard Meeting Agenda

I. Devotion II. Pledge and Motto III. Business Meeting (officers in charge) IV. Meeting Feature V. Counselor's Time / Announcements VI. Closing / Fellowship

Royal Ambassador Point System (Revised 12/3/12)

In order to accumulate points, each member must have demonstrated the basic Royal Ambassador skills, during the calendar year. These basic skills are: 1) Royal Ambassado Pledge 2) Royal Ambassador Motto 3) Read scripture 4) Raise a hymn 5) Offer prayer Points shall be earned for participation in each of the following activities. Members will be ranked in ascending order by the highest number of accumulated points. This simplifies the system and reduces much of the work to simply keeping roll for key events and activities. In order to keep the interest high as the year progresses, we have a Royal Ambassador of the Month Program, where a member is recognized for his achievement on a monthly basis (member accumulating highest points during the calendar month). 1) Meeting attendance - Royal Ambassador Meetings (2 Points) - Youth Church meetings, including Bible Class (1 Point);  2) Royal Ambassador Group mission activities (3 Points); 3) Royal Ambassador Interest activities (1 Point); 4) Youth Church Sunday participation a) Church School teachers, program participants, etc.) (1 Point); b) High Points participant (3 Points); c) Devotions (typically on 4th Sundays) (2 Points); 5) Bonus points or special activities (2 Points ea. to be communicated ahead of time); 6) Couselor input on final selections and determinations; a) Demerits for poor conduct reported by counselors (1 Point ea. occurrence).

The President's Duties

To prepare for and preside at all meetings. This means that he must have the ability to open and close meetings, to introduce people, and follow agendas, using simple parliamentary procedure. At the officers' planning meeting, the president should work very closely with the counselors to lead the group in its program and activities. To coordinate the work of the officers and any appointed committees of the group. To coordinate all outreach activity of the group. Reference: Royal Ambassador Manual.

The Secretary's Duties

To keep group records. This includes minutes of the officers' planning meetings, the membership roll, and finances. To carry out all the duties and responsibilities of the president in his absence. This means he must work closely with the president in all plans and activities. To arrange for chapter ceremonies, such as the initiation service, and any other special ceremonies, in which the group may wish to participate. To maintain chapter room and adequate supply of materials. To make monthly reports for the group. To coordinate communications and correspondence of the group. Reference: Royal Ambassador Manual.

The Mission Activity Leader's Duties

To plan and direct group missions projects. This includes involving as many members as possible in mission action projects. To encourage support of missions through prayer requests for missions projects. Reference: Royal Ambassador Manual.

The Interest Activity Leader's Duties

To work at the officers' planning meeting in planning and directing camping, camp craft, games, sports, and handicraft activities, etc. To plan and direct other interest activities. This may include parent - son meetings as well as group fellowships. Reference: Royal Ambassador Manual.