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Soup-A-Bowl (Soup and crackers to sick and shut-in) February 2012

On NFL Super Bowl Sunday, February 6, 2012, the Royal Ambassadors ministered to over 30 sick and shut in members with soup crackers, bowls and other goodies to let them know that we love them, are praying for them and have not forgotten them.

Royal Ambassador Breakfast / Crowne Nursing Home Visit Feburary 2012

A breakfast was sponsored for the Royal Ambassadors at the Golden Correl, followed by a visit to Crown Nursing Home, where we visited with one of our elderly members. It was a blessed occasion and enjoyed by all participants.

Childrens's Evangelism Walk March 17, 2012

Child Evangelism Fellowship Southwest Alabama - 2012 Annual Walk for Children. "Family free fun day at Langan Municipal Park" Sponsored for Child Evangelism Fellowshp, who is a non-profit organization who takes the Gospel of Christ to the boys and girls. The Royal Ambassadors worked jointly with our sister mission auxiliary, Revelation Red Circle and YWA Auxiliary in supporting this mission with other groups across the city. We assisted in logistics, set-up, manning some of the games and participated on the Evangelism Walk. It was a fun, spiritual filled day.

Royal Ambassadors vs. Junior Laymen Basketball Game - March 23, 2012

Challenged basketball match between the Royal Ambassadors and the Junior Laymen. Good game and good fellowship. Thanks to Crusaders for supplementing both teams with players.

Shimp Cook Off April 2012

The Royal Ambassadors teamed up with our sister auxiliary, The Red Circle and YWA in supporting this mission - Shimp Cook Off in downtown Mobile, Bienville Square. We assisted in logistics, set-up, clean-up and manning some of the children games. The shrimp dishes were all excellent and we greatly enjoyed the fellowship. One of our Royal Ambassadors, even volunteered to dress up as the Shrimp mascot and was a big, big hit with the crowd! Shout out to Bro. Tyrone Lovett (AKA, Big Shrimp).

Men's Conference June 9, 2012

Men’s Conference Youth Session, June 9, 2012 Sub Theme: Choose Wisely, Ages: 10 – High School Financial Choices - Mr. Rufus Hudson, V.P. Commonwealth Bank * Responsible Credit * Going to College? * How to Manage Finances * Summer Job? Life Choices - Rev. Lawrence King, Christian United Church * Decisions * Risks * Consequences * Rewards * Which way out? *

Boys 2 Men Event - Family Life Center September 22, 2012

This event is now completed and was a fun event for games, fellowship and good food. We had a fun basketball game between the Royal Ambassadors

Paent Meeting / Welcome New Promotees from Crusaders - Novermber / December 2012

Purpose: Kick-off meeting to discuss plans for the coming year. We envision a joint meeting with Royal Ambassador parents / guardians, as well as new members from the Crusaders and their parents / guardians. This will provide opportunity to introdue our new officers for the year, welcome new members fom the Crusaders into the group and share our plans with parents / guardians and solicited their prayers and support. Timing: The proposed timing for this meeting will be after Promotion Day in November and before the end of year 2012.

Soup-A-Bowl (Soup and crackers to sick and shut-in) February 2013

We have received such wonderful response and mutual joy in doing this mission activity, we have kept it as an annual mission activity.

Other Future 2013 Activities

Mission Activities: • Visitation of Nursing Homes • Children Evangelism Walk • Shrimp Cook-off • Other activities as can be accommodated Interest Activities: • Joint Parent Kick-Off Meeting • Mens’ Conference • Boys 2 Men Fellowship • Either camping or fishing or picnic fellowship activity • Sports Games / Challenges • Other activities as can be accommodated Meeting Topics: • Various Adolescence Issues (see rmbcmob.org ministries/youth ministries/royal ambassadors/discussions) Speakers: • Special interest topics as needed (past speakers on Juvenile Violence, How to Manage Finances, Decisions and Consequences, Drug Abuse, etc.)