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Royal Ambassadors


Royal Ambassadors



The Laymen Group of Revelation Baptist Church promoted the idea of initiating a Junior Laymen movement at Revelation.  The first of these groups established was the Royal Ambassadors in May 1993.  The Royal Ambassadors is a young men’s mission auxiliary for ages 14 years old through High School.



Royal Ambassadors is a well balanced mission program, which helps adolescent males with spiritual, social, mental, and physical needs.  When the basic principles of Royal Ambassadors were formed, the characteristics of adolescent males served as guidelines.  Royal Ambassadors capitalized on what adolescent males enjoy doing.  In addition to mission education, Royal Ambassadors increase understanding of the true value of life, teaches a respect for other people, provides experience in working with others, leads to improvements in personal habits, and provides an outlet for many fun and energetic activities.  These activities include visiting nursing and convalescent homes, church clear up activities, bowling outing, football challenges, cook outs, pool parties, Youth Church devotion, etc.



Current Officers:                                                         Counselors / Advisors:


President, Bro. Samuel Archie                                    Rev. Rufus Young


Secretary, Bro. Tyrone Lovett                                    Rev. Frederick Watson


Assistant Secretary, Bro. Breylen Carter-Pugh           Chief Lawrence Battiste IV


Mission Activity Leader, Bro. Isaiah Lovett                Coach Vincent Royals


Interest Activity Leader, Bro. Kaleb Taylor                Bro. Ricky Whittiker


                                                                                  Dea. Johnny P. Kennedy