About Us


Our mission as an auxiliary of RMBC, is to assist each other in the growing process of learning about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through studying, fellowship and constant prayer with each other. We strive to be a bright and shining lights for our Lord. We reach out monthly to various organizations or individuals within and outside of our RMBC church family. Each month an individual from the Matrons or the Matrons collectively will go out on a mission outing.We strive to assist as many sick, bereaved families, the less fortunate, and our community as much as we can.  We have a great desire to show our love and compassion to those in need, while continuing to grow in strength and excel in knowledge.  This we do in the name of our Father.
The Matrons meet the Monday after the Second Sunday.

Sis. Taryn Taylor Brooks, President
Sis. Patrice A.Cashier, 1st Vice President
Sis. Nina F. Johnson, 2nd Vice President
Sis. Marquetta D. Jackson, Secretary
Sis. Felecia Whittaker, Asst. Secretary