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Laymen Adult and (Young Adult (men under 35 years of age))

Revelation Missionary Baptist Church
Adult and Young Adult Laymen Ministries

  Ministry Mission/Purpose
1 Addiction Aftercare The purpose of the Addiction Aftercare Ministry is to provide a safe place with caring, loving and non-judgmental brothers who can come along beside a brother who has recently come out of an addiction. In addition, our mission is to provide a forum for the men to share testimonies, build relationships and grow in Christ.
2 Church/Home Improvement The purpose of the Church/Home Improvement Ministry is two-fold. One is to assist with the general up-keep of the church by providing labor for basic repairs, thereby allowing the church to utilize its tithes and offering for other critical needs.
The second purpose is to assist the elderly, disabled and poor with minor to mid-level repairs to their property, thereby ensuring a safe, secure, and habitable home.
3 Crusaders The purpose of the Crusaders is to help young boys, ages 5 to 14 years old, with spiritual, social, mental, physical and other developmental needs.
4 Disaster Response Team The purpose of the Disaster Response Team is to serve as a helping-hand resource for our community’s elderly, disable, and poor prior to and after a disaster. Members of the team may also volunteer for remote assignments outside of our community.
5 Evangelism To glorify God by equipping the body of Christ with the tools to effectively seek the salvation of its kindred and acquaintances.
6 Jail and Prison The purpose of the Jail and Prison Ministry is to share the gospel with the inmates while encouraging the men with the truth of God’s love.
7 Partners in Education The purpose of the Partners in Education Ministry is to serve as role models, readers, and supporters for the youth of our partner schools.
8 Royal Ambassadors The purpose of the Royal Ambassadors is to help adolescent males, ages 14 years old through High School, with spiritual, social, mental, and physical needs.
9 Sick and Shut-in The purpose of the Sick and Shut-in Ministry is two-fold. One is to conduct fellowships with our brothers who are sick and shut-in.
Our other purpose is to conduct fellowships with our brothers who have experienced bereavement within their immediate family.
10 Youth Center The purpose of the Youth Center Ministry is to share the gospel, once per month, with the young boys and girls who are confined to Strickland while encouraging them with the truth of God’s love for them individually.