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                West Mobile Gospel Fest 2019 Church Participation List
      Church (sponsor)              Member                                              Activity
1. Friendship Baptist C/E       Pastor Corey Brown               Preaching
2. Forest Hill Baptist C/E        Pastor James Jones               Preaching/Evangelism
3. Joy Bible Church                Pastor Reginald Turner           Preaching
4. Mobile Terrace                    Pastor Jerry Williams              Preaching
5. New Shiloh Baptist C/E     Bro. Dearis Wright                    Evangelism  
      Church (participating)     Member                                                 Activity
1. Revelation Baptist C/E       Pastor David Frazier              Preaching/Evangelism
2. House of Judah C/E            Pastor Barbara York              Preaching
3. First Baptist Prichard C/E Rev. Edwin White                    Preaching/Evangelism
4. Mt. Olive (Mauville) C/E    Rev. Clifton Shaw                     Preaching/Evangelism
5. New Bayside Baptist C/E    Rev. Ronwick Thomas          Preaching/Evangelism
6. St. Luke Baptist C/E           Min. Larry Moore                    Preaching/Evangelism
7. Corner Stone                       Min. William Griffin                Preaching
8. St. Peter Baptist C/E           Dea. John White                    Evangelism
9. Philadelphia Baptist C/E    Dea. Chris Lucas                   Evangelism
10. Mt. Sinai (Mobile) C/E     Dea. Lamont Reed                   Evangelism
11. Stone Street Baptist C/E  Dea. Arthur Phillips               Evangelism
12. Gt. Union Baptist C/E      Dea. Michael Witherspoon     Evangelism/Sound
13. St. Joseph Baptist C/E     Bro. Myron Hill                       Evangelism
14. Corinthian Baptist C/E   Bro. Eric Battle                         Evangelism
15. Solid Rock C/E                 Bro. Barri Williams                 Evangelism
16. Mt. Sinai (Whistler) C/E Sis. Delberta Taylor                  Evangelism
17. Harvest Church C/E        Sis. Theola Bright                   Evangelism/M.C.
18. T. Church of God C/E     Sis. Renay Giles Sumrall        Evangelism
Note:  C/E denotes churches who have members certified in evangelism. Most of the churches had more than one member participating so the highest position member participating is listed.
                                                                            Humbly submitted,
                                                                           Bro. Julius Avery
    Forest Hill Baptist Church
    3900 Moffett Road, Mobile, Alabama 36618
                       Phone (251) 380-1080
                  Rev. James L. Jones, Pastor
      West Mobile Gospel Fest Coordinators 
      Rev. Jerry Williams / Bro. Jabbar Jones
                                                                 West Mobile Gospel Fest
             “Beloved, Let us love one another, for love is of God( I John 4:7a ).
       We, the West Mobile Gospel Fest Committee would like to thank everyone, who made the kick-off of Gospel Fest 2019 a huge success. God truly blessed us. 

     Over 100 Christians came together from 5 sponsor churches and 18 other churches to present the gospel to over 35 people and 40 people received health screenings. We prayed for 12 people and 7 accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Over 200 people were fed fish and bread. We pray that you would come, be a blessing, and be blessed, at the Prichard Gospel Fest: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019, on the corner of Prichard Avenue and MLK Avenue.
        Yes, It’s Harvest time!
                                                       THANK YOU,
                                                                        THANK YOU,
                                                                                         THANK YOU,
                                        From: The West Mobile Gospel Fest Committee